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Becoming an Herbalist

Have you dreamed of becoming an herbalist? There are more ways to be an herbalist then you can imagine, whether your passion is plants or people.

You can combine becoming an herbalist with many other skills and interests you may already have. This article will briefly explore clinical herbalism, manufacturing herbal products, medicinal plant farming, wild harvesting, teaching, writing and more. There is a wide array of exciting and satisfying careers awaiting you.

The need for herbalists has been increasing steadily over the past 40 years. Recently the field of herbalism is growing by leaps and bounds. Today herbalists are in high demand.

One of the most common ways people utilize their herbal skills is helping clients. If you love working with people and helping them to be healthy, this may be the ideal path for you. You can start your own practice or work with others in a clinical setting. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of people worldwide rely on herbs as their primary form of health care. In the US, nearly one-third of the population uses medicinal plants. This offers a huge client base for you.

Herbal practitioners need herbal products for their clients. In addition, many people are purchasing tinctures and other herbal preparations on their own. The market report published from the American Botanical Council states that US consumers spent roughly $8.842 billion on herbal dietary supplements in 2018. That is an incredible 9.4% increase in from the prior year. There are so many ways to create herbal products. This is one of the most creative herbalist careers.

Becoming an herbalist can include clinical herbalism, manufacturing herbal products, medicinal plant farming, wild harvesting, teaching, writing and more. Now is a great time for learning how to be an herbalist. Click to start your journey.

With all the demand for herbal products, there needs to be a steady supply of plants. Herbal growers are starting to pop up in many places. Those who go out to harvest wild plants are also finding an income from their endeavors. If working directly with plants is a passion for you, this is a great way to make an income doing what you love. This can be combined with growing and harvesting culinary plants as well. There are many options for how to grow or how to harvest from the wild.

As more and more people choose to become herbalists, there is an increasing need for those to teach them. Like all of the careers mentioned above, there are a number of different ways to teach herbalism. You can teach locally at schools, parks, nature centers, garden clubs and other various organizations. Herbal events and conferences now exist nearly everywhere. There are more and more being offered every year and they are always on the lookout for a variety of teachers. These are exciting events and a great way to get your name out to the public. Online teaching is also an excellent opportunity.

If you love to write, there are many opportunities to share your knowledge. You can blog, write books or submit articles to the numerous magazines. Topics can include issues related to any of the areas above such as clinical herbalism, making herbal medicine, growing herbs, wild harvesting herbal medicines or any other topic of interest to you.

There are countless other ways to create an herbal career. You may work in a retail herb shop, sell herbs at a farmers market, start a nursery, or become a researcher. Use your imagination. You may also find yourself doing a combination of herbal endeavors.

Now is a great time to jump on this opportunity of your dreams. Stay tuned for my upcoming course on becoming an herbalist. It will provide you with the detailed steps and confidence to move forward in your career. You can also begin your herbal studies right away in the Home Herb School Membership.

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