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Herbalism is an ancient way of healing, yet it continues to thrive today. In fact, the use of herbal medicine is rapidly increasing in popularity. People are drawn to home herbalism for so many reasons. It’s easily accessible, affordable and very effective without the worry of the many side effects that can come with modern medicine. For many of us, working closely with the plants renews that deep connection to nature we have long yearned for.

These teachings have been passed down from generations and science is backing them up.

Each and every one of us can learn to use this remarkable plant medicine. You can easily learn a few simple home remedies for common ailments. You can also continue learning for as long as you like, adding to your knowledge as a home herbalist. Each step in your journey is exciting, fulfilling and incredibly valuable.

Discover the most rewarding, easy and affordable way to learn herbalism.

Over 50,000 students in 160 countries have benefited from Elizabeth's best selling online courses.

All of her courses are now offered together in an affordable and engaging membership! Welcome to the Home Herb School.

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Is the Home Herb School Membership for you?

The Home Herb School Membership program was founded to create a place where these courses could be offered together in an affordable way as well as to create a sense of community. This membership is specially designed for those wanting to:

Over 200 Videos and many downloadable resources

The membership is loaded with remedies, recipes and detailed plant benefits. It’s organized beautifully to make it easy to follow along.


Find success and inspiration with a professional instructor at your side. Elizabeth will guide you and answer your questions right from the start.


Enjoy access to a private nurturing and like-minded online herbal community. Join others to share experiences as well as give and receive advice.


Take any course at any time, at your own pace, from any device. Use the course material as a valuable reference resource. Cancel at any time.

Home Herb School Membership Courses

Get instant access to the following 12 in-depth online herbalism courses

Make Herbal Medicine Course

Herbalism: Introduction & Medicine Making

Take charge of your health by learning to use herbal medicine that you make yourself. It's easy, effective and safe.

Introduction to herbalism course course

The Professional Herbalist Course

If you have ever dreamed of working in the field of herbalism, you will find this course filled with career insights and opportunities.

identify medicinal plants

Identify and Harvest Wild Medicinal Plants

Anywhere there are plants growing, there is medicine. Learn the skills to go out into the wild and confidently identify the medicinal plants.

Kitchen Medicine Course

Medicinal Kitchen Herbs/Spices

You likely already have herbal medicine in your kitchen. Many of these culinary gems were originally used due to their medicinal value.

Herbal First Aid Course

Herbal First Aid Remedies

These first aid remedies are the ones you will reach for most often. Make sure they are ready to go in your first aid kit at all times.

Growing Medicinal Plants Course

Growing Medicinal Plants

Get all the details to be a successful herbal medicine gardener. Learn which plants to grow and dive into their multiple medicinal uses.

Herbal stress anxiety course

Herbs for Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia

Learn effective herbal remedies for stress, anxiety and insomnia as well as how to successfully support the nervous system.

Wild Foods Course

Identify, Harvest and Prepare Edible Plants

Wild edible plants are almost always the most healthy foods we can eat. Gain the confidence you need to properly identify them.

Herbs for colds and flu

Herbal Cold and Flu Remedies Course

Herbal remedies help reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu. Know what to have on hand for relief from a variety of symptoms.

Herbal Skincare Course

Herbal Skincare for All Skin Types

Create glowing, radiant skin with safe and effective herbal ingredients for many skin types including normal, dry, aging, sensitive and acne-prone.

Herbs for Longevity Course

Longevity Herb Recipes for Vitality & Energy

Getting these herbs into your everyday meals is easy, delicious and helps you to live a life with more vitality and energy.

Herbal Products Business Course

Entrepreneurship in a Natural Products Startup

Live your dream of starting your own natural products company. Find your niche, market your product and all steps in between.


Elizabeth Heck

Elizabeth Heck

Herbalist, Best Selling Instructor

Elizabeth Heck has a 20 year solid background in working with plant medicines. She studied formally with the world’s most renowned herbalists including Rosemary Gladstar and Matthew Wood. She also trained with esteemed botanist, Dr. Robert Mohlenbrock. Elizabeth has been a frequent guest speaker at many of the top herbal conferences, teaching centers and events globally. Many of her online courses are best sellers and highly rated.

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When you become a member, you gain instant access to all course content and the private FaceBook community. It works much like Netflix. You have ongoing access so you can work at your own pace as long as you are a paid member. You can cancel at any time.

Absolutely. The herbs discussed in the membership courses can be purchased, grown or harvested from the wild. The plant identification lessons focus on plants that grow in nearly all parts of the world.

This membership is appropriate for the beginner with limited to no herbalism experience. Those with some herbal experience will also find a great deal of valuable information.

Yes, the courses and membership benefits are available on any type of device including phones, computers and tablets.

The plants covered in this membership are all very safe for beginners to use. Any cautions are noted. Stronger plants requiring advanced skills are not taught at this level.

Yes, PubMed from the National Institute of Health has thousands of peer reviewed articles. American Botanical Council is another excellent resource with the German E Commission Monographs.

Please submit any questions you have using the Contact link at the bottom of this page. We are happy to answer them.

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